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How It Works

Watchful Webcam is a network of cameras that are located in daycare and assisted care living facilities, schools, businesses and homes throughout the U.S. Each of the cameras is connected to the Internet using high-speed Internet access (cable modem or DSL). There are no computers or equipment to be maintained - just simple cameras mounted and plugged into the wall. The cameras take photographs of a room or area within the facility, school, business or home between certain times during the day. The pictures are transferred to a central server on the Internet where authenticated and approved people can view them seconds after they are taken. All that is needed to view the photographs is a web-enabled Internet device and a standard web browser.

Shown below is an image depicting the Watchful Webcam system architecture.

How It Works

The process of turning your facility, school, business or home into a Watchful Webcam monitored facility is as easy as having an Internet connection installed (cable modem or DSL) by your local Internet provider and then simply unpacking and plugging in the network-enabled Watchful Webcam cameras.

  1. Contact Watchful Webcam to setup an account.
  2. Have an Internet connection installed and provide Watchful Webcam with some details about your Internet connection to enable easy setup and installation.
  3. Schedule a time for Watchful Webcam to install the network-enabled cameras (if needed).
  4. Place the network-enabled cameras in strategic areas in your facility, school, business or home to enable the best possible photographic coverage.
  5. Visit the Watchful Webcam website and provide your User ID and password to setup or approve new authorized users.
  6. Distribute handy postcards to people with instructions and helpful tips on how to login and view photographs.
  7. Visit the Watchful Webcam website to view the photographs of your facility, school, business or home.

The purpose of Watchful Webcam is to provide a low-cost, low-maintenance system for monitoring facilities, schools, businesses and homes. Typical applications include daycare facilities, nursing homes, assisted care living facilities, schools, private homes and businesses. There are no computers needed at the facilities, businesses or homes. Network-enabled cameras are used to securely transmit images to the Watchful Webcam central servers over standard Internet connections. All users are authenticated by a private and secure User ID and password before allowing access to the images on the Watchful Webcam central servers. Because Watchful Webcam only requires users to have a simple web browser installed on their computer or Internet-enabled device, Watchful Webcam always works!


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