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Pricing for Watchful Webcam is determined by several things relative to the specific location and layout of the facility where the cameras are being installed. In general, individual people are not charged to view cameras within a facility. Rather, the facility is charged a regular flat-fee for using the Watchful Webcam service. This same concept applies to all home, school, business and facility installations - a flat-fee is charged to the home, school, business or facility regardless of the number of users that will be viewing the cameras. This pricing allows the facility to regulate pricing for the service to its customers to recoup some or all of the cost of providing the Watchful Webcam service. It also makes the service very affordable and predictable on a month-to-month basis.

Service Includes

  • Installation of the system and all required maintenance of the system.
  • The Watchful Webcam 1-800 telephone number and an on-line registration system will be available to add new users to the Watchful Webcam system.
  • At least one camera.
  • Unlimited number of user accounts to view the cameras.

    Service does NOT Include
    The daycare provider, facility, school, business or home must provide DSL or cable modem Internet access to be used by the Watchful Webcam cameras to communicate with the central server. The cost for this type of Internet connection is typically between $50 and $75 per month. If needed, Watchful Webcam can contact your local telephone or cable company for more information and the cost of the Internet connection can be built into the Watchful Webcam pricing.

    Pricing Examples
    Typical pricing for daycare facilities, assisted care living facilities, schools and single-unit homes or businesses is shown below. For more information and for specific pricing for your situation, please Contact Us!

      Daycare Application
      $1200 per year
      Service includes three cameras for three separate rooms and unlimited number of user accounts to login and view cameras.

      Assisted Care Living Facility or School Application
      $75 per month per room
      Service includes one camera in any number of resident or school rooms and an unlimited number of user accounts to login and view specific cameras (not all cameras can be viewed by all users). Note: only "active" cameras that are being used will be charged a fee. All of the rooms in the facility can be setup but the facilily only pays for those rooms that are using the service.

      Single-Unit Home or Business Application
      $125 per month
      Service includes 3 cameras in any three rooms in the home or business and an unlimited number of user accounts to login and view specific cameras (not all cameras can be viewed by all users).

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    All pricing and service features listed here are subject to change without notice. For complete details, please Contact Us!

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